Hydra Restaurant in Downtown Vancouver coins its name from the culinary Greek island in the Aegean Sea. A world-class restaurant that drives from a chef-first philosophy, Hydra Estiatorio Mediterranean & Bar is an up-market step far beyond the level of a Greek Taverna, and nowhere is this more noticed than the food.

Hydra Vancouver Restaurant Dining Menu

Hydra Vancouver Restaurant aims to offer patrons a top-notch Mediterranean restaurant escape in the heart of downtown Vancouver.

Making its home in the sun-dappled EXchange tower atrium on the second floor, Hydra Vancouver Restaurant is the only Greek restaurant in Vancouver that applies the rich variety of ingredients from a long culinary history with traditional cooking methodology that marries quality with history. Fantastic appetizers such as its famous vine-ripened tomato salad with parsley and feta lives alongside perfected dishes like the miraculously-tender octopus, grilled to perfection, and paired with citrus and olive oil, or the exquisite chops of lamb served sizzling form the grill, gently seasoned with herbs and spices.

These dishes are made better by Hydra Restaurant's dedication to sourcing the most genuine and authentic Greek ingredients possible, by importing its fava, oregano, capers and olives, and olive oil produced in a single region in Greece. It perfects dishes by also bringing its Kefalograviera and Haloumi cheeses directly from Cyprus.

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Hydra Estiatorio is the most sophisticated Greek restaurant to hit Vancouver [it] steps up Greek food in the city

Hydra Vancouver Restaurant has an award-winning wine list, showcasing its diversity and understanding of traditional Greek vintages alongside a collection of bottles from around the world, supported by a cocktail program characterized by elegance and imagination. A drink inside the soaring 60 foot atrium will transport you to the sun-dappled hills and veridian waters of Greece and leave you captivated.

Hydra Restaurant's immaculate ambiance is supported by thoughtful and inspired decor that is the perfect environment to relax, day, evening, or into the night. The Cabana overlooks the open air of the atrium and will elevate your dining experience thanks to its gentle drapery and light linens, backed with custom canvas trim and a heated floor carefully disguised by the imported slab terrazzo flooring.

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Ascend the dramatic curvaceous stairs to the airy dining room with eye-catching bling like the school-of-fish chandeliers and fish scale tiles behind the bar. In one corner, a more intimate and casual room is washed in light during daylight perfect for private dining.

Intimate functions are an elegant affair at the Hydra Vancouver restaurant, with cabana buyouts available for parties up to 30 people, or whole restaurant affairs able to easily entertain 150 people, offering sophisticated dining and unparalleled experiences for every guest. Signature events are a must-attend occurrence, where you can enjoy a multi-course wine menu or dishes not available anywhere else in the city, courtesy of our internationally renowned suppliers.

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