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Travel Alert for COVID-19

Have you visited any High Risk travel countries?
If you or anyone travelling with you have visited any of the COVID-19/novel coronavirus High Risk travel countries as identified by the US Department of Health or Canada Ministry of Health OR you are experiencing high fever or flu like symptoms, please DO NOT BOOK ONLINE.

We ask that you phone our hotel reservation department to discuss your booking inquiry.


Guest acknowledges and agrees that despite certain precautionary measures undertaken by the hotel and hotel staff, Guest understands the general risks of infection due to the pervasive nature of viruses, including the coronavirus, and the Guest hereby releases the Executive Group of Hotels & Resorts (as listed below), and their respective partners, shareholders, affiliates, directors, officers, employees and agents (collectively, the "Releasees") from all manner of claims, actions, losses, costs, damages and liabilities (collectively, "Liabilities") from any bodily harm, injury (including death) or property damage suffered or sustained by Guest (or those whom Guest is responsible under law) as a result of the Guest's stay at the hotel or while being on the hotel premises or as a result of any acts or omissions by the Releasees, including negligence. The Guest hereby waives his/her right to sue the Releasees in respect of the Liabilities in any court of competent jurisdiction under any statute, common law, equity or other theory of law.

-Executive North Van Hotel Limited Partnership doing business as Seaside Hotel
-Executive Exchange Hotel Limited Partnership doing business as the Exchange Hotel Vancouver
-The Executive Inn Hotels General Partnership operating as Executive Hotel Vintage Park
-Executive Airport Plaza Partnership operating as Executive Hotel Vancouver Airport
-Le Soleil Hospitality Inc. operating as Executive Hotel LeSoleil Vancouver
-Executive Hotel Squamish Ltd.
-The Fireplace Inn Ltd. operating as Executive The Inn at Whistler Village & Mountainside Hotel
-Executive Cosmopolitan Holdings Ltd. doing business as Executive Hotel Cosmopolitan
-Executive Le Soleil New York LLC operating as Executive Hotel LeSoleil New York
-Executive Hotel Seattle LLC operating as Executive Hotel Pacific
-Executive Hotel Vintage Court LLC operating as Executive Hotel Vintage Court San Francisco


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